What Material are Your Cheerleading Signs Made Out Of?


When ordering your cheerleading signs, you’re probably interested in the size, shape, colors, and design, but have you stopped to think about the material your signs will be printed on? At CheerleadingSigns.Shop, our varsity cheerleading signs are available in three different materials: economy 4mmpreferred 10mm, and solidcore 6mm. They all have different benefits. While our standard 4mm coroplast is the most popular option, there are use cases where teams might prefer a sturdier or more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

4mm Corrugated Plastic Cross-Section

Our economy 4mm signs are the most standard option for cheerleading teams. They’re made from a lightweight, fluted, corrugated plastic. 4mm signs can be custom cut (including with or without handles) into any shape, come in a variety of sizes, and can be vividly printed in full color, single- or double-sided. Corrugated plastic signs are more water resistant than solidcore signs. The biggest drawback to 4mm signs is that they are easier to bend than our preferred 10mm options or solidcore 6mm options. But cheerleading teams love how lightweight they are, their affordability, and how creative they can be with their designs.

10mm Corrugated Plastic Cross-Section

Our preferred 10mm signs are similar to the 4mm signs—they’re both made from a lightweight, fluted, corrugated plastic. However, these heavy-duty signs are super durable and less likely to bend or break during practice or competition. But while both signs are available in a variety of sizes and vividly printed in full-color, single- or double-sided, 10mm signs cannot be custom cut. Preferred 10mm signs are only available as square or rectangular cuts and come without handles.

Our composite 3mm signs combine the thinness and customization options of 4mm corrugated signs with the strength of 10mm corrugated signs­ and the smooth finish of 6mm solidcore signs. With a lightweight plastic core sandwiched between two thin aluminum sheets, composite 3mm signs are comfortable to hold and sturdy for sideline routines, competitions, and everything in between. Composite 3mm signs come in squares, rectangles, circles, letters, and custom shapes. Plus, you can add optional handles to make them easy to carry and flip during routines. And all composite 3mm signs have rounded corners for added comfort. The aluminum exterior protecting the plastic core makes them perfect for high-impact situations like drops or banging against your knees or the floor.

6mm Solidcore Cross-Section

Our solidcore 6mm signs are the most unique option among the bunch. Unlike the 4mm and 10mm signs, the 6mm signs are made from a lightweight, solidcore, rigid, hard plastic. These 6mm signs can be custom cut (including with or without handles) into any shape, come in a variety of sizes, and can be vividly printed in full color, single- or double-sided. The biggest drawback to 6mm signs is that they are more likely to crack, dent, or break if dropped or smacked against something compared to the 4mm or 10mm options, so we do not recommend 6mm signs for competition routines where they will be hit against your legs or tossed to a mat. 6mm signs are more durable at smaller sizes, so we also don’t recommend 6mm signs larger than 22″ round or 24″x18″ rectangle. However, the 6mm solidcore signs offer a more professional appearance and matte finish which will help your team stand out!

Have you decided which material you want to go with? Fill out a quote request, and we’ll get an artwork mockup and estimate over to you within just a few days!

* Applies to standard-sized corrugated plastic signs shipped within the continental U.S.